George Washington National University Purpose

The purpose of this University is to provide encouragement, support and education for all Conservative Believers, as well as those who wish to advance to that status, without regard to race, religion, language, culture, ethnicity or national origin.
Conservatism and Faith are to be found in every demographic group.
GWNU offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees to qualified applicants who have demonstrated competence in defined specific disciplines. Registering on this site shall be considered as registration in the University.
George Washington, father of our Country, and a strong believer in God, felt that a great nation should have a great National University. His vision now lives here.
The Jeffersonians in Congress opposed this idea along with all of Washington's initiatives for "Internal Improvements" such as National Roads, Military Academies, and anything else that would enhance in any way the power, functionality and prestige of the new Federal Government at a time when the new nation desperately needed a stronger Federal Government.
The Constitution in its Preamble, which Washington brought into being, cited "Domestic Tranquility" "Common Defense" and "Justice" as the major purposes for the creation of the Constitution. Without these three the "Pursuit of Happiness" cited in the Declaration of Independence is impossible.

George Washington’s Will

George Washington’s Will 
In the name of God Amen! 
I, George Washington, of Mount Vernon, a citizen of the United States, and lately President of the same, do make, ordain, and declare this Instrument; which is written with my own hand, and every page thereof subscribed with my name, to be my last Will & Testament, revoking all others.
It has always been a source of serious regret with me, to see the youth of these United States sent to foreign Countries for the purpose of Education, often before their minds were formed, or they had imbibed any adequate ideas of the happiness of their own country; contracting, too frequently, not only habits of dissipation and extravagance, but principles unfriendly to Republican Government and to the true and genuine liberties of mankind; which, thereafter are rarely overcome. 
For these reasons, it has been my ardent wish, to see a plan devised on a liberal scale which would have a tendency to spread systematic ideas through all parts of this rising Empire, thereby to do away with local attachments and State prejudices, as far as the nature of things would, or indeed ought to, admit, from our National Councils. 
Looking anxiously forward to the accomplishment of so desirable an object as this is (in my estimation) my mind has not been able to contemplate any plan more likely to accomplish this than the establishment of a UNIVERSITY in a central part of the United States, to which the youth of fortune and talents from all parts thereof might be sent for the completion of their Education, in all the branches of polite literature in arts and Sciences, by acquiring knowledge in the principles of politics and good government; and (as a matter of infinite Importance in my judgment) by associating with each other, and forming friendships in Juvenile years, and thereby to be enabled to free themselves in a proper degree from those local prejudices and habitual Jealousies which have just been mentioned; and which, when carried to excess, are never failing sources of disquietude to the Public mind, and pregnant with mischievous consequences to this Country: 
Under these impressions, so fully dilated, I give and bequeath in perpetuity the fifty shares which I hold in the Potomac Company (under the aforesaid Acts of the Legislature of Virginia) towards the endowment of a UNIVERSITY to be established within the limits of the District of Columbia, under the auspices of the General Government, if that Government should incline to extend a fostering hand towards it. 
Until such a University is established, the funds accumulating from the appreciation of these shares shall be set aside for its support. My further Will and desire is that the profit accruing therefrom shall, whenever dividends are paid, be invested in purchasing Stock in the Bank of Columbia or some other Bank, at the discretion of my Executors; or by the Treasurer of the United States for the time being, under the direction of Congress; provided that honourable body should Patronize the measure, and the dividends proceeding from the purchase of such stock is to be vested in more stock, and so on, until a sum adequate to the accomplishment of the objective is obtained, of which I have not the smallest doubt will occur before many years passes away; even if no aid or encouragement is given by Legislative authority, or from any other source. 
Mount Vernon July 9, 1799
(This is a selected and slightly amended segment of George Washington's Will that provides for a National University to be established.) 
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